About me:

Hello! I'm called Lala/Lambie, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I drawing, love pastel colours, frills and lace, swimming, sweets, roleplaying, strawberries, nature, and animals! I'm also a fan of old anime/manga, Lolita fashion (I just admire it, I don't own any dresses yet!). I'm very nostalgic and love revisiting things from my childhood, I also love vintage fashion and illustrations, even if I'm not very knowledgeable about them!

I'm currently (slowly) watching: Candy Candy, Little Memole, Fruits Basket (2019), and Kuroshitsuji.
I'm currently reading: Rose of Versailles, Little Women

I'm a big fan of the Pokemon anime, especially OS->BW!, I watch Sun & Moon occasionally [mostly for the plot or backstory episodes!], I'm looking forward to the new Pocket Monsters!!!

I love Osamu Tezuka's works! Black Jack (I have an old fansite dedicated to Black Jack x Pinoko here [although the pictures are gone ^^;;;]), Dororo, Unico, and Angel's Hill are my favourites, I grew up with Kimba the White Lion, Metropolis, and Astro Boy. I also read a couple of his lesser known manga...

I also grew up with World Masterpiece Theater anime (like Nobody's Girl Remi, Romeo's Blue Skies, My Daddy Long Legs, etc.). Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon was also one of my first fandoms, I got into it and Full Moon (w)o Sagashite around the same time I got into Pokemon! Princess Tutu was also an early fandom of mine and one that remains dear to my heart to this day.

I've gotten into old shoujo, I especially love Alpen Rose, The Star of Cottonland, Rose of Versailles ...

On that note, my favourite artists are Osamu Tezuka, Uchida Yoshimi, Ooshima Yumiko, Akaishi Michiyo, Ikuko Itoh, Tamagawa Akihiro, Fukuyama Keiko,

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