Cheer up




  • If you have an Apple or Android phone, you can play Pastel Girl! It's a calm dress-up game with a lot of cute animations, backgrounds, pets, and many different skin and hair colours. The developer SeyeonSoft likes to retweet players' creations too!
  • Orisinal: Morning Sunshine, a place to play mostly calming and sweet flash games!
  • Healing games like Tomotoru and Animal Crossing are good choices (the mobile app for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free, Tomotoru's first room is free, it also has some cute features like a VR camera that lets you take pictures of characters in your room!).
  • Gacha Life is a dress up game with lots of clothes and hair and poses (animated and non-animated) available fom the start and free, unlike games like CocoPPa Play. It also has mini-games (like one where you feed bunnies sweets when the pop out of holes like a gentler take on whack-a-mole!).
    I don't spend money on gacha games becase it's against my religion to gamble, and this way, the time you spend playing outside of just dressing up can be reasonably limited, so it keeps you fom playing too long uninterrupted. ^^ *CW: Some NPCs you encounter makes negative comments about their own weight in the Life mode and some of the traits listed in the character editing bit are a little iffy.


  • Forest Girl Diary - whimsical, light fantasy artwork with a Mori kei vibe
  • nsmmm - whimsical, nostalgic, and beautifully immersive artwork of a goat girl and fawn boy exploring the world together; it has a Studio Ghibli-like quality!
  • chibird - cute artwork with positive messages
  • mouseshouses - cute artwork and stop motion animation of antrhopomorphic mice and their intricate little worlds... the artist has also published some books!


  • Web of Good News - similar to Good News Network above, good news only!
  • flowerais - advice on self-care, positive messages, and animal/nature pictures

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