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(Chibi Maruko-chan, gif by dezaki)

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  • Inko Colors - a very cute independant animated short about a group of heroic parakeets who solve problems, in this story, they help save a lost, young parakeet! Sora (and I think also Leo) are based on the animator's pets and there are very sweet videos of Sora cuddling into her human friend's hand. ;3;
  • Hand Feeding Baby Zebra Finch - these beeping little birds sound like squeaky toys which always amuses me... even when they grow up!
  • Studio Ghibli Museum, Mitaka - go on a little virtual trip through the museum!!
  • A lady rescues a very young bird whose nest was destroyed and whose mother didn’t return - watch the rescued birdy grow up!
  • Sharks! - a cute anime clip from Sweetness & Lightning; Tsumugi plays pretend while crossing the street, imagining sharks swimming where it isn't safe...!
  • Sharks! - a cute anime clip from Sweetness & Lightning; Tsumugi plays pretend while crossing the street, imagining sharks swimming where it isn't safe...!
  • A cockatiel who loves to thow things (set to music)
  • Have you ever listened to a deer's sound?
  • Котенок по имени Гав (A Kitten Named Woof) - this is a very, very cute and beautifully designed Soviet Union-era animation about a naive kitten, who also later befriends a puppy. It's very heartwarming and sweet, with vibrant colours. The You Tube videos have English subtitles in the captions, so enable them!
  • Sylvanian Families Official - this You Tube channel includes cute shorts starring the adorably old-fashioned, anthropomorphic animal characters of this franchise. Cute and sweet!
  • VanillaHamHam - watch tiny meals be cooked (like a tiny stack of pancakes!!) and lovingly prepared for a pampered little pet hamster! The hamster's owner is very creative and also made fun cardboard environments for the hamster to play in, like this cute pastel ice cream truck. There will be no more new videos, sadly, but Vanilla's bright-eyed curiosity and cheerful adventures are recorded here.
  • Watch something funny, like a comedy! Personally, I think movies like Ice Age and Emperor's New Groove are hilarious, my childhood favourites like Chibi Maruko-chan, the old Pokemon pre-movie shorts (especially Pikachu's Summer Vacation), and Mr. Bean (the live action one, it's little things like him trying to get the TV aerial to work...) always get me smiling, but everybody's tastes are different!
    Other funny anime that stay pretty light-hearted throughout are Ouran High School Host Club, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, My Next Life as a Villainess, Chi's Sweet Home (2008), and Azumanga Daioh! (*note that there's a creepy teacher who's obsessed with teenage girls—he never does anything more than leer at people and everyone treats him like a gross nuisance, but warning just in case!),
  • If you're learning a new language, how about watching some kid's shows in that language? It can help you see how much you've learned, pick up new vocabulary (if it's also subtitled and you look up the words you hear), and just be relaxing to watch!


  • You can play some nostalgic old games on a kid's site (like,, American Girl! Or sign into an old Neopets account (or make one, if you never had one before!), play some games, feed your pets, do the dailies...
  • If you have a Switch, the free-to-download jumprope challenge is quite fun and cute, you play as a little bunny in a children's book style (kind of similar to Miffy), which you can dress up (there's a lot of outfit choices!), each day, you can win a different background with different sound effects for each jump for every 100 jumps, it seems, Day 1 was a cat with meowing sounds every jump, Day 2 was a beach! Jumping beyond that gives you bouquets after you fill out the bar. ♥
  • If you have an Apple or Android phone, you can play Pastel Girl! It's a calm dress-up game with a lot of cute animations, backgrounds, pets, and many different skin and hair colours. The developer SeyeonSoft likes to retweet players' creations too! Pastel Friends is a new work by the same creator. ^^
  • Orisinal: Morning Sunshine, a place to play mostly calming and sweet flash games! - with the exception of maybe one or two games that are action-oriented, the majority are sweet, gentle, and feature animals and whimsical concepts (you make clouds rain in one game and help a deer cross a river in another, in my favourite game, Winterbells, you help a rabbit hop higher into the sky by climbing bells that turn into stars! ♥)
  • Healing games like Tomotoru and Animal Crossing are good choices (the mobile app for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is free, Tomotoru's first room is free, it also has some cute features like a VR camera that lets you take pictures of characters in your room!).
  • CocoPPa Play has lovely graphics and fun events!). If you play for free, it will force you to take breaks!
  • Love Nikki is also a really good one with gorgeous, more detailed artwork (only one body type, but different skin tones available from the start like CocoPPa, but given the hundreds of of clothes, understandable that artists wouldn't want to make size variations on every one ^^;), and the most creative and sweetest item descriptions (it reminds me of playing The Sims, the items tend to tell a story, especially full suits together, about who owned them or why they were made or nostalgic memories Nikki had with them).

    It's quite challenging and fun too and the different nations have different styles (Lillith is fairy tale-influenced and Lolita fashion, Pigeon is historical and especially Rococo, North is a warrior culture with armor and weapons...). The limited time events also have sweet stories!
    (CW for some mild racial/culture stereotyping exoticism and sexualization of darker skin [there are natural, afto-textured hair options but the descriptions and names are usually references to music/dancing and your opponents can say catty things during the judging/battles, although in the actual story, you're usually helping them by making outfits to inspire or help give them ideas. Very sweet atmosphere!)

  • Play some nostalgic games from your childhood, there are abandonware sites that collect and share games legally (as the companies no longer exist, only secondhand copies available, and their devices are obselete], if you're scared of downloading from shady wbesites, there also ones that let you play old games in your browser! Watching playthroughs on You Tube is also an option. Old PC games I like include Barbie as Rapunzel, Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe, JumpStart educational games, various Sierra kid's games, any of those cartoon-making games.

Note: I don't spend money on gacha games becase it's against my religion to gamble, and this way, the time you spend playing outside of just dressing up can be reasonably limited, so it keeps you fom playing too long uninterrupted. ^^

View Art:

  • funwariusa - very cute, stylized artwork of an anthropomorphic bunny going about her day, as well as a lot of very whimsical and fanciful drawings. It's got a childlike charm to the style! The artist also makes calendar/lockscreens and fun little activities like this spot-the-difference.
  • heathersketcher - cute artwork of round, soft animals (like bunnies) and fantasy creatures—as soon as I saw this cheery comic, I knew I had to include them!!
  • Forest Girl Diary - whimsical, light fantasy artwork with a Mori kei vibe
  • nsmmm - whimsical, nostalgic, and beautifully immersive artwork of a goat girl and fawn boy exploring the world together; it has a Studio Ghibli-like quality!
  • chibird - cute artwork with positive messages
  • mouseshouses - cute artwork and stop motion animation of antrhopomorphic mice and their intricate little worlds... the artist has also published some books!

Read Blogs:

  • Bug Eyed Freaks - a very fun and cute blog dedicated to the original/90's Powerpuff Girls! There's fanart, screencaps, comic panels, obscure merch (and some funny bootlegs), and Bug has a great sense of humour writing it too! ♥ It was inactive a while because running it felt like too much of an obligation to be a buffer against unpleasantness in the fandom, but Bug seems to be doing better now an I hope she's having fun again!!
  • Web of Good News - similar to Good News Network above, good news only!
  • flowerais - advice on self-care, positive messages, and animal/nature pictures

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