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Welcome to my homepage! This place is always under construction, I mostly just wanted to make a nice, safe place where I can collect comforting and nostalgic things and make room for my art too.
This website is freely hosted on neocities, is part of the Mental Heal Circle, and is also affiliated with The Princess Chateau. Call me Lala! You can read about me here. I'd love it if you'd sign my guestbook when you're done! ♥

... sometimes, there are bunnies lurking. (They came from Catch a Star!)


1, August, 2020 I added some new entries to the Calm Down page (including two new gifs!), additons to the Visuals and Advice section, as today's the first time I managed to understand how EMDR's supposed to work... I used to think it didn't do anything for me, I remembered it today and was just going to share it for other's benefit, but it turned out I didn't understand how to use it before! It's more effective this way. I tried my best to explain the concept too! It might help someone else too. ^^

I also labelled the sections of my Calm Down page better and listed the advice section in it (I somehow forgot to link it in the little mini-navigation box before!). Oh, also added a cute video there.
The navigation links here on my index page have gotten cluttered, so I tidied them up!
28, July, 2020 I had a lot of diary entries piled up, so I copied them over, with pictures! ^^ I also added some new drawings (and one old one) to my Art Gallery, an old picture of my Little Mermaid collection to the Dollroom.
16, July, 2020 I updated my diary earlier but didn't mention it in an update! Today, I added a new anime recommendation (to the top, rather than the bottom as usual, simply because I love to rewatch this one and it's an old favourite! I wonder if GOSICK is old enough to add my list too or if I should also toss in some newer anime I like? Hmm... added a fellow neocities website to the Links page. ^^
16, July, 2020 I added the link to the animation I meant to link to the Visuals on the Calm Down page earlier... I think I should probably stop listing things I'm going to do before I do them in the update, in case it takes a much longer than expected to do them. ^^;;;
10, July, 2020 I updated my Pretty Panels page yesterday, added some late entries to my Diary (I held off posting it until the exam result!! Evil eye and all that), and some more art for the Art Gallery (originally drawn for Moriya Ririka's birthday 7/7). ^^ I have a very sweet video to watch to the Cheer Up page too!
6, July, 2020 I added new art to my Art Gallery, a new page of manga panels to Pretty Panels, added some old translations I made to the Life & Faith page, and new links to the Visuals and Sounds sections on the Calm Down page! 4, July, 2020 I updated my Calm Down page with something new to do a few days back, also added a new link to resources (a mental health blog run by Online Counseling College) on my Links page, but didn't mention it in an update before, sorry! Today, I also learned Sarah Natochenny (Ash's current English dub VA), in addition to her animal fostering work, has joined a group of VAs in reading children's books! voiceeactorsread on instagram. I'll be adding a link to my Calm Down page shortly. ^^
29, June, 2020 I added two entries to my Diary. Talked about rewatching a sweet Barbie film too, I recommend it to anyone who feels like watching something sweet and uplifting—a bunch of old, early 2000's Barbie films (like Princess and the Pauper, Swan Lake, Rapunzel, 12 Dancing Princesses, etc.) got uploaded to You Tube in parts like the old days ^o^; We own these films too, but can't play casettes anymore, although the DVDs work!
28, June, 2020 I added backgrounds to various pages that didn't have them, added a nice site with web graphics (that I used here on this website too!) to the Links page, and a couple more graphics to the Toybox. Cleaned up the Anime Recommendations page some more and added more graphics. Fixed broken code on the Diary page. All good, I think! ♥

Older updates archived here.

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