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Welcome to my homepage! This place is always under construction, I mostly just wanted to make a nice, safe place where I can collect comforting and nostalgic things and make room for my art too.
This website is freely hosted on neocities, is part of the Mental Heal Circle, and is also affiliated with The Princess Chateau. Call me Lala! You can read about me here. I'd love it if you'd sign my guestbook when you're done! ♥

... sometimes, there are bunnies lurking. (They came from Catch a Star!)


16, November, 2020Thank you as always for the sweet comments in the guestbook! It's been a bit hard to update without a laptop, but I got to borrow this one a while, and I have been uploading several things, so I can finally get around to sharing some things with you now! I have a new section in mind, too, similar to the Shoujo Wardrobes, but it'll be bedrooms! Please wait on it. ♥ I also added some new entries to the Shoujo Wardrobes, and I'll be adding some manga panels too when I can! I've updated the Links to include another blog I just found!
11, November, 2020 I updated my Diary and Links a few days ago, but didn't mention it in an update! Today, I updated the Cheer aUp page with some twitter account links (one that collects "healing" animal videos to watch, and a couple of positive twitter accounts in English and Arabic). I have some images to add to other sections later, when I can use a computer!
11, October, 2020 I updated my diary a few times and I also added a link to the Watch section of my Cheer Up page. ^^ If you like animation and fairy tales, check it out!
1, October, 2020 I added some more panels to the Pretty Panels page! I also added a new drawing to the Art Gallery (and resized some older drawings for quicker loading time), I also added a favourite (new-ish... it's... nearly a decade old now... ^^;;;) anime series of mine to the Anime Recommendations!
25, September, 2020 I added some (Arabic) twitter accounts I like to the Links page and a cute otter video link to the Cheer Up page. ^^
24, September, 2020 Sanrio has some really nice free printables and self-care and wellness tips featuring their cute characters like Hello Kitty right now, so I added them to the play and view art sections of my Cheer Up page! They can mean a lot to folks who love the characters and make this information more accessible (and hey, free therapeutic colouring pages!), so I'm happy this sort of thing is trending.
23, September, 2020 I added a new drawing to my gallery! ^^ As promised in my diary, it's finished, a drawing for the Best Wishes! 10th Anniversary!
19, September, 2020 I added two video links (although the links weren't coded in until just now!) to the Cheer Up page and a couple of Diary entries, but didn't mention them in an update earlier! As for new updates, I have some new Pretty Panels. ^^

3, September, 2020 I added a link to the Cheer Up page a while back, also copied an older link to include it in the Resources section of the Calm Down page to make it easier to find. Today, I added some Poke Dolls to the Toybox! I added new links to the Islamic Healing page, there are more dedicated English language channels with information and recorded ruqyah too! I found an old tumblr post about the 'Eid I spent at a hospital I was training in, I've been trying to track it down for the longest time, it now has a dedicated page (be careful, it's image heavy!). ♥
24, August, 2020 I didn't mention it yesterday, but I updated the Calm Down page with a new artist's twitter in the Visuals section! Today, I madw another new addition there and it's a link to a twitter largely focused on screenshots from old anime series, especially pretty scenery and meals.
15, August, 2020 I added a new Manga Recommendation and a link to play old computer games (without needing to download them and emulate them yourself, just load them in-browser!) to the Play section of the Cheer Up page. ^^ Added some art to the Gallery! And some more Ririka outfits to the Shoujo Wardrobes page. ^^
13, August, 2020 I added a new link to an artist in the visuals section of the Calm Down page. I cleaned up the index page a bit. I updated my diary!
10, August, 2020 I finally made that Shoujo Wardribes section I've been planning! It's still scarce on images, but I'll be filling it up later! ^^
8, August, 2020 I added a new happy news story to read to the Cheer Up page, as well as a sweet animation to the Watch section of the same page! ^^
1, August, 2020 I added some new entries to the Calm Down page (including two new gifs!), additons to the Visuals and Advice section, as today's the first time I managed to understand how EMDR's supposed to work... I used to think it didn't do anything for me, I remembered it today and was just going to share it for other's benefit, but it turned out I didn't understand how to use it before! It's more effective this way. I tried my best to explain the concept too! It might help someone else too. ^^

I also labelled the sections of my Calm Down page better and listed the advice section in it (I somehow forgot to link it in the little mini-navigation box before!). Oh, also added a cute video there.
The navigation links here on my index page have gotten cluttered, so I tidied them up!

Older updates archived here.

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