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Image heavy!!! I'll showcase the drawings I'm most pleased with here! ... it's mostly Pokemon Best Wishes! and some Sun & Moon fanart, be warned. I hope you like Iris, Lillie, and Shootie (Trip.) I've also fallen back in love with Bashou & Buson (Hun & Attila, although they're quite different between the original and various dubs... for one thing, Bashou's a man and they're both more nuanced villains!) from The Legend of Thunder. Sometimes, there's original artwork or other fanart! A lot of my Bashou & Buson art is both either too sketchy or too dark, subject matter-wise, so you'll find those with warnings and hidden behind spoiler tags or content warnings elsewhere, like on my art thread on Bulbagarden.

My pixel art has been moved to its own separate page!

“Don’t need a trip to the beauty shop, because I love what I got on top!”🎶 The friendship bracelet is from Hikari (Dawn), the flower from Satoshi (Ash), the macarons from Dent (Cilan), and the blanket is from her village. ^^ You can also find a little Kibago (Axew), a cute brush, and her Rotom Smartphone.

Faraway Place (a casual dreamwidth roleplaying game for Pokemon characters, set in the Okinawan-inspired fan region of Ultern) RP-based art. Bashou and Buson shortly after arriving in Gukuru House, a traditional inn (ryokan)—their new home on Chura Island! Bashou didn't adjust well to communal living in a Pokemon Center, so having a more private place has him at ease, that, and he grew up in an old-fashioned home in rural Johto, so the inn's comforting. Buson's a little more wary at first, because he's scared of breaking or ripping things by accident, but he relaxes soon enough too. He's wearing a tasuki solely because he likes to keep his arms uncovered. ^o^; The reason I've gotten so into Bashou & Buson again is that I've been roleplaying Buson and my old roleplaying partner, Simone, joined me in Faraway Place... I haven't played with her Bashou since around 2017!

I just wanted to draw Iris, Satoshi (Ash), and Shootie (who is clearly being roped into this by the others), in sailor suits and dresses. Satoshi seems to prefer shorts to pants lately, so I gave him shorts instead of pants like Shootie. I couldn't decide what colour to make their neck kerchiefs, decided on yellow, then realized in retrospect with the navy blue on white, they look like Koharu's school uniform. ^^ Especially with the anchor designs on their sailor caps. Pikachu is half hidden behind them, but you can see he has a sailor hat on too and you can see the lapels!

Bashou and Buson drawn in copics in my new Strathmore Bristol! The pose is referenced from a PokeSupe manga panel of Lt. Surge and Sabrina, since Spagonia found their dynamic reminiscent of B&B.

Faraway Place RP-based art. As Ultern is disconnected from all the other regions, Team Rocket doesn't exist here or have any presence and after some time spent directionless without Bashou, Buson was taken in by a former Team Flare agent called Manzana who helped him get settled and get a job. He's worked on rice terraces and Miltank dairy farms, but when they made the decision to move somewhere less populated where they can afford a more private place to stay (because Bashou gets paranoid and does poorly in more public places...), Buson works as a sailor. It lets him travel around, so he can still visit friends he's made in the island he spent the half year before Bashou arrived!
... it also lets him hear about fun places to explore, so that's why Buson here (in his summer white sailor uniform, which gets stained over the course of this adventure and gets him in some trouble), Bashou (plainly, but comfortably dressed in a white button down), and Evie (a very sweet and naive talking Evie who slooowly warmed up to and befriended Buson, after initially defeating him when she caught him poaching Pokemon on arrival, aha) are exploring a mystery dungeon! Bashou's nudging Buson playfully with his elbow, Buson's grinning, and Evie's singing as she goes up ahead. It was drawn on a scrap piece of cardboard.

Bashou with a typically cold expression, turning towards the viewer. drawn in Copics on regular paper. This was one of my first ever drawings with my copics! All the greys make Bashou very easy to colour. I messed up that R, but I still really like how I drew his face and hair.

Lillie leaning with her arms hugging her knees, turning towards the viewer. She's in a black dress with white lace and a black bow. Uncharacteristic, isn't it? It's based on Kuromi's dress in a LaFary x Sanrio collaboration. ^^ This was my first drawing with a very new black pen mama gave me.

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