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Image heavy!!! I'll showcase the drawings I'm most pleased with here! ... it's mostly Pokemon Best Wishes! and some Sun & Moon fanart, be warned. I hope you like Iris, Lillie, and Shootie/Trip. Sometimes, there's original artwork or other fanart!

My pixel art has been moved to its own separate page!

An original character, if the dress looks a bit odd, it's because I drew it first with no plans of drawing a person wearing it! All I wanted to do was draw frills and lace. This little girl wound up an exercise in drawing wavy, slightly curling hair, as I'm not very good at it.


Happy 10th anniversary, Best Wishes! My favourite series. ^^

"What did I do wrong? What is that I lack? I couldn't show you my strength..."

A pretty Iris holding a flower to her lips and a speechless Cilan accidentally pouring tea all over the place. ^^;;
Click this link for a full-sized version!

An old drawing inspired by the fact that, up until Clemont left to train, Bonnie couldn't sleep without her big brother. ;3;

Iris in a dress that bears her name from Love Nikki! I couldn't get the idea of her wearing it out of my head, so I had to draw it eventually!

Old birthday art for Poli, featuring Cabernet/Burgundy!

It's Lavender, the Wishfulshipping fanchild mailmandragonite created and I helped develop and draw/write!!
I decided to draw a bedroom for her after hearing a friend (Zura!) fondly remember her from when she was younger and showing me fanart her.
The story for this little drawing is that Lavender sneaks out the window when she hears Iris is cooking today, nearly giving poor Cilan a heart attack, but Iris quickly finds her in the woods and reminds her that the wild Pokemon in the surrounding forest are old friends of hers.

Old art I drew of Mirror World versions of Iris and Ash interacting; this Mirror Iris hates to get messy and is a prim and proper young lady... and both she and Mirror Ash are crybabies. ^^;;

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS:

Happy birthday, Moriya Ririka!

Love Nikki:

Little Memole:

Memole being the light of Marielle's life. ;3;

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