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Image heavy!!! I'll showcase the drawings I'm most pleased with here! ... it's mostly Pokemon Best Wishes! and some Sun & Moon fanart, be warned. I hope you like Iris, Lillie, and Shootie/Trip.

My pixel art has been moved to its own separate page!

Traditional and other digital art:

"You're still here becase you were meant for something better." The hug on the right had a lot of inking errors, so I had to trim it out...

Based on my CocoPPa Play model! I didn't design these clothes. *An old piece, but I adjsted the colours recently... old vesion with background here.

"For a friend!" I drew this little sketch based on my favoite moment where Snivy takes on two Fire types for Tepig who cannot battle his old trainer--it was a double battle--he was too shocked from discovering he was maniplated and lied to, so she knocks him out of the way and takes both attacks. ;__;

Osamu Tezuka's works; Black Jack + Unico, one referencing Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon:

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