Pretty Panels

(Okumura Mariko's "Hikari no Pansy")

There is no rhyme or reason to this page, I just wanted to capture the evocative settings and other pretty panels in a lot of shoujo manga. These are just caps, some I've adjusted a little or cleaned out some text bubbles, most, I've only just cropped! (Aside from the Pansy one above, which I also tinted pink).
I love how dainty the bedrooms are and how elegant the palaces look (here they are, neatly cut out of tragic context... almost).
You can do what you like with them, I lay no claim to the art after all, you can use them for art inspiration (there are simpler styles and more elaborate ones!), use them in graphics or whatever else, just don't repost entire chunks of this scrapbook-like collection!

Kizu written by Otsuichi and illustrated by Kiyohara Hiro

The hard times have passed and things are gradually going to get better.

White—Victini and Zekrom illustrated by Momota Inoue

There is nothing wrong with losing a battle! The important thing is what you learn from that defeat!

If you let go of your fear... you will be free.

Genesect and the Legend Awakened illustrated by Momota Inoue

Legend of the Rainbow by Hara Chieko

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