Shoujo Bedrooms

Pixel art scenery of a pink and white bedroom with snow drifting down outside the window and a view of the Eiffel tower. A pink piano sits on a fuzzy rug. A white vanity sits next to a bed with puffy and frilled pink bedding and a lacy canopy. An ottoman sits at the foot of the bed with a sheer nightgown hanging off it. A chair with a coffee table sits near the window. There are photographs on the walls and flowers.
(Pixel art from Sayclub[?])

There are a lot of incredibly cute and stylish bedrooms in anime (both in shoujo anime and otherwise, so this page's title is a bit misleading!) that serve to tell you more about the character's interests and personality, while also being fun fantasies and wish-fulfilment for the girls watching and reading who can't afford such extravagant rooms (like the otome-tique movement in manga)... so, whether you're here to get inspiration for how to decorate your own room in the future, see examples of how to express character via settings, or just want to admire nostalgic and charming or lavishly extravagant bedrooms, please enjoy! ♥

Pixel art of a girl with brown hair in two braided pigtails, wearing white pjyamas.Pixel art of a bed by Cherish.Pixel art of a cupboard by Cherish.

Papa Told Me by Haruno Nanae

Manga panel of Chise's bedroom, with wooden bed, plush patchwork quilt, a curtained window behind the headboard, and a large map of the world on the wall adjacent to the bed. A broomstick with a little bow leans against the other end of the bed. A little throw rug with tassels sits next to the bed, partly tucked under it. Two socks lie next to the bed. An old trunk with a desk lamp and book rests next to the bed, as a makeshift bedside table. On the opposite side of the room, a wooden desk of child's height and an adjustable office chair sit. The chair has a backppack slung over it. Books line the the desktop. A pterodactyl figure hangs from the ceiling like a mobile. A  wicker basket holds toys, a teddy bear and plush rabbit poke out of the basket.
(Motoba Chise's bedroom.)

Maple Town

A luxurious pastel pink room with curtains drawn around either side, wall-length windows, a four poster bed with pink curtains and gold-coloured tassels, a large frilly pink pillow, a scalloped headboard, wooden clawfoot chairs with purple cloth backs, white bedside clawfoot tables, one with a vase and one with gold-coloured candelabra. A larger white, sheer curtain separates the sleeping area from a small, round white dining table with two wooden, red-cloth backed chairs, another flower vase on the white tablecloth, and there's another table in the corner with a flower vase. An oval wall mirror with a gold border hangs on the wall too.
(Bedroom of the Missing Little Girl [named Ghalia, meaning Precious or Priceless in the Arabic dub] in The Witch's Castle)

From the City That Never Sleeps by Waki Yamato

Maple Town: Palm Town Chapter

Patty's Room while she's living with her aunt and uncle in Pika Clinic. It's an attic bedroom, with wooden floors, light orange walls painted with carrot designs, a small cubby full of books with a brown teddy bear and white plush rabbit on top. The cubby also has carrot designs painted down the side of it. She has a wooden desk with a lamp next to it. In between the bed and cubby is a rectangular, white window with a lattice and orange curtain. The bed is a simple one with a wooden headboard and plain orange bedding (sheets, blankets, and one pillow are all the same colour.) There is a skylight over the bed. An orange rug occupies a small space in the center of the room, away from the bed and desk.
(Patty Hoperabbit [Patty Rabbit]'s bedroom in Pika Clinic)
Rolley's Room, with white walls decorated with painted pink bows, a tall window with light pink curtains, a bed with two large, frilly light pink pillows and frilled pink sheets with a darker pink ribbon all around. She has a wooden bedside table with a round, dark pink clock and a wooden desk & chair in the opposite corner of the room from the bed. The desk has a globe and red lamp. On the wall next to the desk, there's a white shelf with books. Two framed pictures hang on the wall next to the bed. A pink rug rests on a small corner of the wooden floor.
(Rolley Cocker's bedroom)
Rolley's Room
(Rolley Cocker's bedroom)
Rolley's Room, another picture of the same, with Rolley and Patty in matching loose pink nightgowns.
(Rolley Cocker's bedroom)
Sue's Room, with yellow curtains and bedsheets, and black star accents.
(Sue Sheep's bedroom)
Lamb's Room, with blue walls and floors, yellow curtains and bedding, a ribboned sun-hat hanging on the wall, and ribboned bell over her door.
(Lamb Sheep's bedroom.)

Background is from >petitart. Sprites above are from Cherish (now defunct.)

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