Shoujo Wardrobes

Moriya Ririka posing in front of the mirror with Anna's borrowed pink dress.

I've always loved those "floating panels" in shoujo manga, where characters, after an outfit change, appear at full height (often surrounded by symbolic flowers, but not always!) so the audience can appreciate the full outfit, before carrying on with the story!

Shoujo anime also have a lot of lovely outfits (albeit simplified for easier animation!), the artists often take great care in lovingly depicting the outfits, and even in simpler styles, the colours and styles make them cute.
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite shoujo outfits, for inspiration or even just for fun!

Pixel art of a vanity with a mirror.Pixel art of a girl with brown hair in two braided pigtails, wearing white pjyamas.Pixel art of a pink dress on a mannequin torso.Pixel art of a red dress on a mannequin torso.

Moriya Ririka (Nurse Angel Ririka SOS)

Princess Luna (Angel's Hill):

Licca (Wondrous Yunia Story):

Sprites above are from Cherish (now defunct) and the gingham background tile is by Rotferkel.

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