Title Cards

I love when shows have unique title card art for each episode, but most only have one standard one for the whole show, or for each individual season or series in a longer-running work...
Maple Town and its sequel series, Palm Town, have unique title card art for each individual episode! It's very charming, so I've decided to collect them here as I watch. ♥ I've taken pictures of the textless ones when available, but a lot of them have the title from the start or it fades in from the beginning.

Maple Town

Artwork of Patty and Bobby carved into wood.
(Maple Town Episode 1 Title Card)
Artwork of a broken necklace with scattered beads on the floor.
(Maple Town Episode 2 Title Card)
Artwork of Patty and Bobby sitting on a giant spoon, with pots and pans floating in the background, and the Wolf's face floating over the other end of the spoon.
(Maple Town Episode 3 Title Card)
Artwork of Patty Hope-Rabbit/Rabbit, Bobby Kumonav/Bear, and the mole digging underground for treasure.
(Maple Town Episode 4 Title Card)
Artwork of Rody the rat hammering away on his anvil, sending stars and sparks flying, his wife tucking some of the stars into her apron.
(Maple Town Episode 5 Title Card)
Artwork of flowering vines of medicinal herbs frame the borders, while Johnny Kraft/Danny Dog climbs a vine and shades his eyes with a hand to see further. Patty Rabbit sits in the bottom corner of the vines, hugging a jar.
(Maple Town Episode 6 Title Card)
Artwork with the woods as a backdrop, Juliette sits in the corner holding a pickaxe, wearing a duffle bag and feathered hat, and with binoculars and a map beside her.
(Maple Town Episode 7 Title Card)
Artwork of the Maple Town school, seen from below, with the wind scattering dandylions from the grass into the air.
(Maple Town Episode 8 Title Card)
Artwork of Puripurin/Penny Pig posing on the wooden stage in a pink apron dress with a wreath of pink flowers on her head.
(Maple Town Episode 9 Title Card)
Artwork of a pretty pink dress sitting on a chair, with blue ribbon at the collar and white lace trim around the collar, hem, and sleeves. A pincushion and two spools of thread sit on it, as well as Judy Richmond/Suzie Squirrel's plush squirrel, with a tear rolling down its cheek.
(Maple Town Episode 10 Title Card)
Winged rabbit divider from Alices Home.

Background from MoonCat. Dividers from Alice's Home.

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