Title Cards

I love when shows have unique title card art for each episode, but most only have one standard one for the whole show, or for each individual season or series in a longer-running work...
Maple Town and its sequel series, Palm Town, have unique title card art for each individual episode! It's very charming, so I've decided to collect them here as I watch. ♥ I've taken pictures of the textless ones when available, but a lot of them have the title from the start or it fades in from the beginning.

Maple Town

Artwork of an open book with one page showing dark, bare trees and the other showing a bright and colourful candy house, likely from Hansel and Gretel.
(Maple Town Episode 11 Title Card)
Artwork of a silhouettes of Mireille Pearson Antelope/Miss Deer, surrounded by her students, under the shade of a great tree, scattering leaves in the wind.
(Maple Town Episode 12 Title Card)
Artwork of two birds flying against the backdrop of a mountain.
(Maple Town Episode 13 Title Card)
Artwork of Officer Otto, sitting curled up in shame in his chair, turned away from his arrogant son, posing proudly with his medals. Patty and Bobby peer through the window between them, into the room.
(Maple Town Episode 14 Title Card)
Artwork bordered with pink lace, Laura Strauss/Roxie Raccoon waves a rattle at her baby sibling in a crib.
(Maple Town Episode 15 Title Card)
Artwork of a mountain with two peaks like rabbit ears, framed by a circle of rabbit heads.
(Maple Town Episode 16 Title Card)
Artwork of the children chasing after laughing, naughty Oscar/Kirby Cat through the grass. Patty, Bobby, and Johnny can be seen chasing or staring after him. The signpost reads Maple Town. Dandelions are being scattered by the wind.
(Maple Town Episode 17 Title Card)
Winged rabbit divider from Alice's Home.

Background from MoonCat. Dividers from Alice's Home.

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