When Marnie was There, gif by Rovaille

Warning: image-heavy page!

Videogames tend to bore me or stress me out, they're not really my idea of fun... the parts I like the most are the stories, art, or customization! Nowadays, I'd only play games for the latter on my own. I loved The Sims growing up and if there's a dress-up mini-game, like in the old Barbie as Rapunzel game, I'm guaranteed to play that part the longest.

I always loved collecting merchandise of my favourite characters inclding dolls and figurines, which was easy when it was The Little Mermaid, but not so much when it became less popular Pokemon characters. ^^;; So, I make up for that by making my favourite characters in customization games!

Pastel Girl:

Iris - this one's large and animated!
Cilan - this one's large and animated!

Charat Wan:


Made using this picrew (flower doll).

Made using this this picrew (Boy-Girl Couple Maker).

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