When Marnie was There, gif by Rovaille

I've always loved collecting tiny toys, cute plushies, dolls, and figurines—although a lot of my figurines wound up broken... ^^;; I also love dress-up games! My grandmother used to make me little paper dolls from notebook paper, God have mercy on her...

In this section, you will find:

  • Photographs - pictures I've taken of old-fashioned dolls I've seen in shops, I might update this page when I see more I like! I'll also include some of my old dolls, plushies, and toys here too! So, it's really more like an online toybox (but different from the toybox for online dolls and other pixel toys)!
  • Dress Up - what I've made in dress-ups, gacha games, picrews, etc., usually fandom/special interest-related, the names of the games all named and linked when possible, I'll also talk about other customization and dress-up portions of games I like!
  • Vintage Dolls in Media - it gets a little tiring seeing everyone depict old dolls as singularly creepy after Annabelle, so it's nice to see more varied and loving depictions of bisque dolls and the like! It's mostly going to be anime/manga for now.

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