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Image heavy!!! I'll showcase the drawings I'm most pleased with here! ... it's mostly Pokemon Best Wishes! and some Sun & Moon fanart, be warned. I hope you like Iris, Lillie, and Shootie/Trip. Sometimes, there's original artwork or other fanart!

My pixel art has been moved to its own separate page!

RP-inspired fanart for a Gou who met Fire (Moltres). This piece is very large and detailed, so please see it at full-size to appreciate it!

Trip thinks it's too noisy.

A birthday gift for my friend, Robin (rohanite)!

RP-inspired fanart for a Koharu who practices kyudo to destress.

An invitation to tea with Ghost types in a haunted mansion!

Appeal to Emotion [CW: death threats, mention of killing] RP-inspired (very messy/unplanned comic, dialogue not shortened enough to fit a visual form) comic in which Trip attempts to reason with an ex-Plasma-knight-turned-mercenary with Aura powers, bitterly defiant of his "destiny" to be an Aura Guardian... it doesn't go over well. [Trip got away safely!]

Romeo's Blue Skies reimagined with Satoshi/Ash and Shootie/Trip instead of Romeo and Alfredo (and Pikachu in Piccolo's place)! These drawings are based on a tragic, but hopeful series from World Masterpiece Theater, an adaptation of the novel, The Black Brothers. A more in-depth summary of it is on my Anime Recommendations page!

Rose of Versailles:

Oscar (and some tiny chocolates) drawn as a birthday gift for a friend!

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