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Here are also some sites to check out; a few of these links are repeats from other sections, just assume I like them that much!

Other neocities sites:

Shooting Stars - my younger brother's site! He likes to code things and helped make my site accessible and added those cute sheep on the bottom of the index page!

Soft Heart Clinic - a positive, mental health-focused site with a pastel/medical aesthetic!

Nostalgic - a site in the style of early 2000's sites! I especially like the goodies, it reminds me of stuff you'd put in your status messages or livejournal profiles... the resources are really great and varied too, from graphics to Japanese language to art tutorials and references!!

cloud world - a sweet little personal site that's like a cute, clickable adventure through pastel pixels!!

Straw Berry Basket - a cute personal site about Lolita fashion that also offers some nice graphics (please read the rules!).

Cyber Sparkle - a fun and retro multifandom website with fan-shrines and old web graphics!

Districts - an excellent site that makes it easier to find other neocities websites on the same topics!

Bliss-Net - a very cute and nostalgic website with a very pink layout, old web graphics, helpful links, and some graphics to offer, like a cute kao! ^^ Sooo many blinkies, buttons, and I difn't even know there were still listings like that! A lot of interesting parts seem to still be in the works, but promising!

SunnyFormula - a site focused on sharing information on different subjects, with a very bright and colourful, retro main layout! It feels a lot like the sites geared at kids back in the early 2000's. The site-original articles have neat easy to read layouts. ^^ There are also old articles archived from elsewhere on the web!

Kitty-Kitty Land

Kitty-Kitty Land - a very cute website with toys, art, and other things the sister running the site finds cute. ^^ There also seems to be character fansites ("shrines") to come!

The Digital Diarist - personal site! I love the self-care and self-keeping page, hadn't heard that distinction made in name before. There's also stories to listen to (I like the fairy tale best, East of the Sun & West of the Moon).

Dollhouse Garden - The vintage aesthetics are quite charming so far! There's links to games and colouring pages, right now, so worth checking out for fun diversions. ^^

redribbon - a comforting and cheery site with links to fun things and lists! ^^ Also themed after a comfort character of the webmaster's, which makes me feel better about my main page and link button having Lillie, Iris, and Trip, even if Pokemon's not the focus of the whole site!

Sea of Stars - immensely sweet website with nostalgic graphics (remember those early 2000's 100x100 anime icons with lots of filters and things?) and a sweet, pastel layout! She also links an archive of her old website and she likes Love Nikki and Earl and Fairy! ^^

Other websites (fandom, graphics, cute things):

RibbonPuffie - a very sweet and girly personal website with a lovely layout. There are also mini fan-shrines dedicated to various things its creator, Lucille, likes. There's a sweet sense of childhood nostalgia to it.

Shining Sunflower - old anime/manga fan pages and scans from the webmaster's collection of coloring pages!

Shining Sunflower - old anime/manga fan pages and scans from the webmaster's collection of coloring pages!

Fool Lovers - I got so many cute graphics from here! This artist has soooo many cute and useful graphics, like banners, lace (the one on the main page is from here!), and cute pixel art...

Alice's Home - very sweet and pink pixel art graphics, with a lot of tiled backgrounds reminiscent of old-fashioned floral wallpapers, and an Alice in Wonderland theme.

ultimate memole gallery -A very sweet Italian site dedicated to Little Memole with a plot summary and image gallery.

We All Live in a Pokemon World... - (this website is defunct and offline, this is a saved copy from the internet archive!) this website was started by an educator named Kimberly who, when Pokemon was banned from schools, researched it herself and found much to love about the anime's kinder, more ideal world where humans and non-human creatures live and work together respectfully.
I especially love the listing of specific episodes with brief summaries to illustrate each point!

Peachie's Collection of Cute Stuff - a collection of cute old web graphics! Links to source when available. *Some undetailed doll-like nudity.

Catch a Star - lots of super cute graphics by Caz! I've used a couple on this site, very charming, lots of cute critters, sweets, and pastel colours too.

Maple Town - My Favorite Place to Be - a lovingly-made website about Maple Town, providing information on the toys, explaining the differences between them and rival animal toys of the 80's like Sylvanian Families, and even providing some information on the animated series and guests’ memories of the original animated series!

Maple Town Story Forums - a forum dedicated to Maple Town, the toys and associated anime and manga. There are plenty of rare images, scans, and translations here!

It also explains the difference between Maple Town rival toy lines of the 80’s like Sylvanian Families.

BonBonBunny - a very cute site with varied content on cute Japanese fashion subcultures, affordable brands, DIY accessories, tips on decor, and other things! Girlish fun and informative.

Big Top Productions - the official website of the company that made some of my favourite childhood games is seemingly unchanged since 1996, it's warm and nostalgic, with some fun features like character-themed recipes (mostly sweets, but also potpourri!) and Keroppi's pond where he shares submitted poems and journal entries.

I Am2 a beautifully and thoroughly written dedication to Ai/Aitwo (Amber/Ambertwo) from the The Origin of Mewtwo special (originally cut out of the dub and dubbed much later)and Birth of Mewtwo CD Drama. The character's story is very tragic, but she tries so hard to be a comforting and nurturing presence. [CW child character death, not really a spoiler, she's dead before the story begins.] The same webmaster also runs a beautiful website dedicated to Mewtwo himself, Copy Cat.

The Little Prince - you can read The Little Prince online here (it is in the public domain in most of Europe!), with colour illustrations. This is one of my absolute most favourite books ever! It's written in such a way that both children and adults can appreciate it, full pf dreamlike whimsy and charm, but also beautiful pearls of wisdom about life, friendship, love... a very meaningful and beautiful story. The ending always leaves me in tears.

Resources and helpful things:

middlepot- a very lovely site run by pooftie, who also makes beautiful layouts for websites... also, this little page is very nostalgic of the 95/98 era accessible through the links section; there's a lot of nice things there. She also colours graphics and runs a game, and runs a store where she sells hand-made needle-felted plushies. - a collection of charity websites which you can donate via to good causes, including aid for the Palestinians, without needing to pay any money at all... the sponsors of the little ads you see on the page after clicking the button once a day will pay for the advertising space, which is then donated to the appropriate charity. Similar ad revenue charities are Miles for Charity (a mobile app that shows you one ad while counting how much you walk, which you can donate to a chairty of your choice) and which is run by the WFP and has an additional educational element.

Decolonize Palestine - [CW war, genocide / ethnic cleansing, heavy subject matter] an excellently researched and well-sourced website dedicated to combating the many media lies and well-funded Israeli propaganda lies about Palestine), because I still see so many people confused by such an obvious case of genocide and occupation, or preaching the two-state solution despite how Israel had always treated it as only a means to an end and never the end goal, and how not only has Israel been ethnically cleansing, bulldozing (or forcing families to destroy their own homes so they don't pay for the Israeli bulldozing of their homes) homes, or stealing land through an unfair court system to give them to settlers as what happened to the Sub Laban family... and continuously expanding far beyond what was internationally agreed upon... it's less obvious when you follow the western media, which changes its story...

Click to read more examples, with articles and screencaps: (sometimes in real time, like the New York Times changing headlines three separate times to avoid offending Israel even though Israel proudly took credit for the bombing of the Baptist Hospital initially before trying to claim it's a mysterious blast perhaps caused by a gas leak or a failed Hamas rocket [CW fire, legs of corpses, war imagery], with the usual lie that Hamas is hiding there... was Hamas also hiding in the home of the brain surgeon and his thirty relatives you bombed? Was Hamas hiding in an ambulance with the paramedics you killed? Was blockading all of Gaza, cutting civilians off from food, water, electricity [so leading to a social media blackout, so they can be killed without further testimonies online]) frequently and the many journalists who've lost their jobs because any criticism of Israel is tarred as "anti-semitic" (even though there are Jewish people opposing this, like Jewish Voice for Peace, and many individuals!)... there is even racism towards Jewish people of African descent, which Israel non-consensually sterilized (an article on The Guardian on this subject)...

Making Fairy Tales from Personal Stories - a guide on how to distill the essence of lived experiences into fairy tales as therapeutic writing. It references Luthi's description of a fairy tale, so also read this. Learned about it from Princess Skye!

Toptal Color Blind Filter - a good site to use to check if your website's design is colourblind-friendly or not!

Codependency and Boundaries - a useful article by the webmaster of Mombojombo who also made this enlightening infographic.

What is Shadow Work? - an introduction and guide on how to identify the repressed and usually ignored aspect of your payche that's uncomfortable to acknowledge, but also most in need of acknowledgment and healing.

DeSteress Monday - simple, but helpful infographics!

There are more specific links to check out in the Cheer Up, Calm Down, and Islamic Healing & Protection pages.

Elegant Woman - tips on ettiquette, manners, and good posture, for making a good first impression and conducitng yourself more gracefully!

Yaqeen Institute - this website has a lot of great articles, like this one on Islamic Spirituality and Mental Well-Being - an article on weathering the difficulties of life by cultivating a spirit of contentment and purpose through religion. "Self-regulation is the will power that enables people to act in accordance with their values and long term benefit despite costs to energy or short term pleasure.

Araseel - Islamic blog with graphics, greeting cards, as well as very cute print-outs and and activities for kids during the holidays like 'Eid!

7 Virtual Mental Health Resources Suporting Black People Right Now - an article from Bon Appétite. There is also What's Good Bro? aimed at Black men, and The Safe Space app.

Bahrani Apps - this website offers a lot of useful and fun little apps, the GifCam is my personal favourite! It lets you make gifs from videos on-screen very easily. Some other sites have unfortunately taken it and bundled it with malware, but downloaded from the original creator's website, this little program is totally safe!

Online Counseling College - this tumblr blog belonging to the Online Counseling College has a lot of useful information and advice for mental health and wellness.


Charities and ways to do good (with or without money!):

  • Muslim Aid - charities to help the victims of war and apartheid in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, ZakatFoundation also.
  • freerice - a game that lets you donate rice to the hungry via the World Food Program, for free! How it works is that hte ad revenue from the sponsors on correct answer pags pay for the food. Please turn your adblock off or whitelist the website so that the donations go through!
  • Miles for Charity - an app that counts how many miles you walk or run, dedicating them to the charity of your choice!! This one also works by ad revenue, your walk is sponsored by a company and a single ad will be displayed while you walk/run (you can also close the screen to spare your battery a bit while you run/walk—select the correct choice so the estimate won't be off!).
  • Unicef UK - Yemen crisis - donate to protect the lives of children threatened by extreme starvation and disease (the biggest recent cholera outbreak, for instence) in war-torn Yemen. See also





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