Lolita Bedrooms

Photograph of a cream-coloured rabbit with a lightr undercoat burrowing into a white teacup with pink poca-dots and rose floral print. There's a whtie lace pattern on the pink rim.
(Photograph of a rabbit in a floral teacup by Kirbee {Sugar Sweet Dreams} on Flickr.)

Dainty and delicate bedrooms from film, rather than anime or manga... so, whether you're here to get inspiration for how to decorate your own room in the future, see examples of how to express character via settings, or just want to admire bedrooms fit for a fairy tale, please enjoy! ♥

Mr. Rococo

(Yuri's Room)

Yuri's childhood room from the short film Mister Rococo. It doesn't change very much as she grows, much like her character, which continues to appreciate only delicate and cute things... until she must learn to be strong after a heartbreak! Watch it, it's a short, funny, and uplifting film!
That said, Yuri's room is very simple, white with pink accents, decorated with pink and white heart-shaped pillows, dolls in French clothing, and various plushies. The most unique thing about it, aside from the eye-catching dolls, is a circular mosquito net that finishes the soft, lacy look, a cheaper alternative to having a four poster bed. It's very much a less-is-more kind of room, where the true center-pieces are her prized dolls and plushies! (Definitely the most expensive part of her room, she has Usakumya plushies from childhood!) She wears Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

A divider resembling gold filigree patterns with pink roses and rosebuds growing around it and around the center cluster of roses, two mirroring pink butterflies beat their wings in sync. An old web graphic by an unknown artist.

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