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♡ Birds and Stars ♡
A place to nurture my dreams

(Photograph by Sarah Liu.)

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The Princess Code

Welcome to my homepage! This place is always under construction, I mostly just wanted to make a nice, safe place where I can collect comforting and nostalgic things and make room for my art too.
This website is freely hosted on neocities, is part of the Mental Heal Circle, and is also affiliated with The Princess Chateau. Call me Lala! You can read about me here. I'd love it if you'd sign my guestbook when you're done! ♥

... sometimes, there are bunnies lurking. (They came from Catch a Star!)


19, October, 2021 to whoever left that comment, I hope you reach out to any means of help at your disposal (speak to a counseller, try the 7 Cups of Tea website, etc.) and talk to someone... it's hard when you've got to act okay for everyone around you. Take care! Since you're Muslim, I also advise reading Quran after prayers or at least twice a day. I find 4-5 pages work well for making me happier or at least, more resilient, softening reality's blows. All the best! اسال الله العظيم، رب العرش العظيم، أن يشفيك
10, October, 2021 About a week ago, I updated my Disry and added a new page of Pretty Panels because the old one was quite long! Today, I'm updating the Toybox and Calm Down pages.
14, September, 2021 Wa 'alaikum asallam! It's still hard to update my website without a computer of my own, but I do have some things collected and uploaded, waiting to be added to pages later...! Thank you for the sweet messages in my guestbook, I'm glad this website can provide some comfort. ^^ I finished reading A Little Princess today! Lovely story... Iris showing up again in the anime is wonderful, I wonder if I should make note of it in my Best Wishes! page, although it's after that series... a note! If you scroll allll the way down, you'll find my e-mail tucked away. ^^


23, June, 2021 I added a new link under the Visuals section of the Calm Down page today!
19, June, 2021 I updated the Solace for Softness page today and a few times earlier too, as well as my Diary days ago, but did not mention it in an update here until now!
6, June, 2021 I am working on a new section! I've added Solace for Softness to the navigation bar. I am also working on a Shootie fansite, but it's a bit lacking in the image department!
4, June, 2021 about three weeks ago, I updated the Links and Shoujo Bedrooms pages! Today, I've mostly polished up the CSS a bit so the scrollbars look nicer... also, my custom scrollbar arrows, they weren't linked properly! They didn't have little sparkles in them before, did they? They do now! ^^ I am also updating my diary... I got the first dose of the vaccine!
22, April, 2021 I updated a few things a while back, like adding new links to other sites (I just added another one today, another Maple Town-related website added, this one a forum!), added some new art to the Gallery, and added more information and illustrations to the Dolls in Media page today. ^^ I am also working on a section for Shoujo Bedrooms, similar to the Shoujo Wardrobes page! Still a work-in-progress, though. I also updated my About Me, mainly with a silly drawing of myself, but also to update what I'm watching and reading...
15, March, 2021 I made a couple of updates lately, but didn't mention them! I updated my Diary yesterday, added two new links (one very nostalgic and cute site under neocities sites yesterday and one new non-neocities site today, a lovely little site dedicated to Maple Town!).
I finished reading The Dolls' House (poor Birdie's my favourite, but all of the characters are wonderful, like Dottie and Mr. Plantaganet...) and have the inages uploaded, but need to access a computer to resize them and add them to the Dolls in Media page. ^^
A new link to the Calm Down for lovely nature videos and photographs to see!

14, January, 2021 I updated my Diary yesterday, but didn't mention it here! Today, I added two new links to the Visuals section of the Cheer Up Page, there's some cute Moomins clips and a link to an artist's twitter. ^^
14, January, 2020 I added a new link to the Cheer Up page (some more art to view) and a new link to the Links page (under resources, as the webmaster has a layout-making service), although it's also a personal site, with some comforting, nostalguc, and fun things to see. ^^
6, January, 2021 my brother managed to convince me to try using a code generator for a coloured scrollbar (this one!), because I was previously too wary of trying anything that wasn't the HTML scrollbar-color code that only worked on Internet Explorer back in the day. :D;;
31, December, 2020

Happy new year!! ^^

A pink rose, wet with dew.An Ixi (deer-like Neopet) boy in medival-inspired dress taking off his feathered hat and bowing.An Ixi (deer-like Neopet) girl in medieval-inspired clothes, curtseying in her long, pink dress.A pink rose, wet with dew.

A new translation has been added to the Life & Faith page. ^^ ... unfortunately, while trying to archive my older updates from the past month or two, my iPad failed to copy reliably and erased them! Not a big loss, but still a little unfortunate... I mostly updated the Cheer Up and Calm Down pages, you'll find the new additions marked with the new button! Some new Links this month too.

Older updates archived here.

My brother made the cute little sheep that wander along the bottom of this page! Here is his website.

You can e-mail me at dalekssoundfunny[at]gmail[dot]com please replace the [at] and [dot] with the respective symbols, of course!

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