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♡ Birds and Stars ♡
A place to nurture my dreams

(Photograph by Sarah Liu.)

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The Princess Code

Welcome to Birds and Stars! This place will always be changing, for as long as I can work on it. Here you'll find my art as well as collections of comforting and nostalgic things that make me feel happy and at peace. ♥
We are freely hosted on neocities, part of the Mental Heal Circle, and also affiliated with The Princess Chateau.
You may call me Lala, although my real name is Lamees (lam as in lamb, ees as in fleece)! You can read about me here. I'd love it if you'd sign my guestbook when you're done! ♥

... sometimes, there are bunnies hiding here and there, but they're very shy and tend to disappear if you tap them! (They came from Catch a Star!)


30, August, 2022 I found, among my old files, an old Arabic hikam [wisdom/wise sayings] poem by Abul-'Atayiah that I had translated, almost entirely, into English. Some parts of it remained untranslated, so I finished them today, and adjusted parts of the older translation too! I am not a poet, so my wording does not flow as beautifully and the original Arabic is more concise, but I simply wanted to convey the same meanings and even wording, as much as possible. I feel proud of myself for figuring out a way to translate the sword part, though! A sword's tip is called a harf (letter) in Arabic, so I had to find another way to get the point across... read it on the Life & Faith page. That final bayt was always very important to me, beauty in adversity... 27, August, 2022 I updated the Shoujo Wardrobes page with... a non-shoujo anime character! Lillie from Pokemon, because she does have a very cute and elegant outfits, and her latest dress is just too sweet! I think making exceptions for similarly styled characters, even from other genres, once in a while isn't so bad. I've been having fun wandering through lately, it's fun finding old graphics and incredible when you stumble across something you recognize from a decade or so ago! Thank you always for the lovely comments in the guest book, it encourages me to work on this website more when I can, even as life gets busier. ♥
23, August, 2022 I updated the Dolls in Media page of my Dollroom section with an antique doll (albeit a broken one) from Rozen Maiden. I'll definitely be updating with more as I continue to watch the show, as most of the main characters are sentient porcelain dolls and I don't doubt I'll see more detailed dolls later on. ^^ This is my first viewing of Rozen Maiden. I also updated the Toy Box recently, but didn't mention it here. The Calm Down page was also updated with a lovely art twitter under Visuals.
22, July, 2022 I updated both the Links with another art link, as well as a nice place to find vintage dolls and things online, and the Calm Down page's Visuals section with a pretty clip of deer. ^^
9, July, 2022 I updated the Links yesterday with another artist (you'll have to scroll very far down for those!) and updated Solace for Softness today. I decided to remove my Diary from the website, at least for now. It might return in another form someday! I suppose that sense of things ending was right in a way, one chapter of my life have finished and another began, but it's mostly a very welcome change! I'm often busy lately, but always happy to hear (or... well, read) from people who enjoy my website. ♥ A bunny video was added to the Watch section of the Cheer Up page too. 10, June, 2022 I added a link to the Watch section of the Cheer Up page. ^^
19, May, 2022 I updated the read section of my Cheer Up page with a very cute webcomic about a group of cartoony villains trying to raise a naive little girl they adopted (well, unofficially, so more like found as a baby? They'd rather claim they abducted her to sound more evil) to make her evil like them, typically failing. ^^;;; I read all the strips available so far in one day!
12, May, 2022 I updated my Diary, summing up a lot of things lately, as I haven't written in a while! Some of it is on a heavy medical subject considered controversial in the U.S., the rest is my talking about what anime I'm watching and the fun new way people are enjoying the novel Dracula in 2022.
30, April, 2022 I updated my Diary with the events of the last three or so days, as they've been eventful! I'm also updating the Links with some nice artists on twitter whose works you might enjoy too, scroll all the way down. ^^
26, April, 2022 I updated my Diary and the read section of my Cheer Up page recently, but didn't mention it! Thank you for the lovely comments in the guestbook as always and I'm happy you enjoy the layouts and aesthetics. ;3; ♥
19, April, 2022 I updated the Calm Down page, fixed a broken link, added some cute old internet graphics to break up my walls of text (sorry! ^^;), and added some new links to the Read and Things to Do sections. I also updated my Diary! I finally added content to the Title Cards page I've been working on, because Maple Town has beautiful unique title card art for each episode. I've been wanting to share them! I also added some cute deer to the Toybox.
17, April, 2022 I recently updated my Diary, but also the Toybox today!
11, April, 2022 I updated my Diary, planning to drop the link from the index page, maybe, to make it more private.
7, April, 2022 I updated the Anime Recommendations, as the entry on Maple Town and Palm Town was written when I had only seen an episode or two! I have since finished all of Palm Town and everything that was dubbed of Maple Town, leaving about 9 more episodes of the Arabic dub for me to see. ^^ I decided I'll put new/updated entries at the top, to match other sections, so you can more easily see the newest additions.
28, March, 2022 I updated the Links page, because I just realized middlepot has a link button I could use! It's listed under resources and helpful things. ^^ I also updated the Solace for Softness page.
24, March, 2022 I updated the Calm Down page with a link to some lovely websites you can read a variety of fairy tales and folklore from different cultures. ^^ I also just fixed the dates in my updates to reflect the actual year... I can't believe I kept mistakenly using "2021" for three months in a row... oh, well, I also moved the old updates to the archive to tidy up the index page!
3, February, 2022 I updated the Toybox yesterday with pixel art of Pinoko from Black Jack! I've forgotten the full URL of the website I got them from and reverse image search isn't helping, so if any one of you remembers it, I'd like to link back to it, if possible! I also wrote a Diary entry yesterday, although in a rather bad mood. I've been playing American McGee's Alice (the first game) again lately!! It's quite good, creepy and more gory than anything I've touched in a long time, yet stylish. Alice and the Cheshire Cat are both very witty and sharp. I'm amazed the Cheshire Cat is played by the same voice actor as Mojo Jojo!!


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