Birds and Stars
A place to nurture my dreams

(Photograph by Sarah Liu.)

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Welcome to my homepage! This place is still very new and is a bit sparse on content, I mostly just wanted to make a nice, safe place where I can collect comforting and nostalgic things, and maybe also make room for my art eventually...

Hello! I'm called Lala/Lambie, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I drawing, love pastel colours, frills and lace, swimming, sweets, roleplaying, strawberries, nature, and animals!

I'm also a fan of old anime/manga, Lolita fashion (I just admire it, I don't own any dresses yet!). I'm very nostalgic and love revisiting things from my childhood, I also love vintage fashion and illustrations, even if I'm not very knowledgeable about them!
I'm currently (slowly) watching: Candy Candy, Little Memole, Fruits Basket (2019), and Kuroshitsuji.
I'm currently reading: A Little Princess, The Devil and Miss Prym, Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, Howl's Moving Castle, and Little Women.

My favourite artists include Osamu Tezuka, Uchida Yoshimi, Ooshima Yumiko, Akaishi Michiyo, Ikuko Itoh, Tamagawa Akihiro, Fukuyama Keiko, and Inoue Momota.

Update log:

5, December, 2019 I added another new section I'm working on, but the Arabic text doesn't show up properly... I added some new links and updated the Calm Down page! Mught fix up the Best Wishes! page too.
24, November, 2019 I've opened the Dollroom! This is the section I've woked on for the past two days! It's rather image heavy, so don't visit it on data... otherwise, have fun! ♥
23, November, 2019 adding more links and content to the calm down page! Working on a new section or two too!
17, November, 2019 a lot of little updates over the past few days, giving the pages more personality with images and backgrounds! More art too... I also finished Rose of Vesailles and cried so much, I was in pain fom dehydration the next day and I am not joking. Lovely, but so heartbeaking... still have some extra chapters! I loved Oscar and Andre, felt so bad for Marie Antoinette's children...
7, November, 2019 I added art to the gallery, my own buttons to the links page, and a link to the calm down page!
5, November, 2019 So, I've been working on my Best Wishes! page a lot these past few days! Even gave it a little navigation bar, since it was getting new sections. Everything still needs more illustrations, though, it's mostly text now! My keyboard isn't woking properly, so I haven't typed updates for a while... I'll add to my gallery a little! Links page is up now!
27, October, 2019 my Best Wishes! appreciation page I started maybe yesterday is still lacking in pictures, so I’ll be adding more of those soon!! And I want to write more about characters I like from it later too! I also have lovely sites I want to link to!!
25, October, 2019:: I brought the about page back, even though it's not very different from the index page's contents right now, but I'm also gonna include cute sprites...

My brother made the cute little sheep that wander along the bottom of this page! Here is his website.

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