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Welcome to my homepage! This place is always under construction, I mostly just wanted to make a nice, safe place where I can collect comforting and nostalgic things and make room for my art too.
This website is freely hosted on neocities, is part of the Mental Heal Circle, and is also affiliated with The Princess Chateau.

Hello! I'm called Lala and you can read more about me here.


24, May, 2020 Eid Mubarak!! Today is the Festival of Breaking Fast today in Saudi Arabia (some will celebrate on different days, depending on when the moon-sighting in their region!), my friend sent me this cute animation set to a song about 'Eid, from the cute Saudi-Japanese work, Asatir (Future Folktales).
The animation showcases different traditions here in Saufi Arabia in celebrating it (like elders gifting kids money ['Eidiyyah], new clothes (this is part of Islamic tradition, but the specific clothes varies), visiting family (also from the religion), and what dishes and sweets we have!
Late addition to my Diary (typed yesterday, but not posted!).
20, May, 2020 Hello! Long time no update... I added a new link to the Cheer Up page, where you can read old children's books! I... never did manage to add that video link before, so I'll copy it over now!!
16, May, 2020 I added a new link to Links (under reaources and useful stuff!), I updated my Diary too! I'm going to add another video to watch to the Cheer Up page! When I can use a computer, I have more anime and manga to recommend! Might be a while...
13, May, 2020 I finally added images for my Black Jack recommendation on the Manga Recommendations page. I can't adjust the sizes right now, so one image is rather heavy, I'll fix it when I can!
12, May, 2020 This website has a new affiliation! A cute and girlish graphics site called The Princess Chateau.
10, May, 2020 I have updated both my About and Diary, but today's subject matter is heavy and triggering, but warned for. On lighter note, I'll be adding a fun video to watch to the Cheer Up page! In case I can't get the link working, you can go on a virtual trip through thr Studio Ghibli Musem, Mitaka on their official channel. I added the buttons back up there, I accidentally deleted them in a previous update, sorry!
5, May, 2020 I uploaded a lot of new art! New pages added to the Gallery and Pretty Panels sections. I have drawn a lot of Lillie lately. ♥
5, May, 2020 I finally fixed the wandering sheep at the bottom of the page with my brother's help! Also, I have been adding images to illustrate the recommendations. o/
2, May, 2020 I added a new link, updated the Islamic Healing page, added some photographs to the Dollroom, added a new entry to the Manga Recommendations! And thank you for the super sweet coment in the guestbook, they always make my day, I'm happy ypu enjoy my recommendations! ;///; That last one by yyy really surprised me. I talk a lot, I'm amazed to hear my recs described as concise!
30, April, 2020 I wrote some Diary entries and realized I never linked to my Diary!
27, April, 2020 I added two new suggestions to the play section of the Cheer Up page! I want to write some new recommendations (and trim how unnecessarily long the HXH one got, fff, could be on its own page, maybe...), when I can! A friend of mine joined neocities and has a pretty sweet little site starting up!! Dollhouse Garden has been added to the links page!
19, April, 2020 I added a new link to the artwork section of my Cheer Up page! I'm also adding a video link! Hope you like bunnies. Also added a link to the read section of the Calm Down page.
13, April, 2020 I included the laundry metaphor for dealing with anxiety about the future from Fruits Basket in my Calm Down page (it should be the new second item in the advice/things to do section, it's advice that's very dear to my heart and helps me a lot, I loved it long before I ever got into Fruits Basket (you can read text versions on goodreads, I can't link right now on my phpne...).
6, April, 2020 Thank you to everyone leaving sweet comments in the guestbook!! I've updated my diary sporadically, I've also been working on an extra section I haven't linked yet (it's kind of very stream of consciousness writing about my faith, here, I've also added more anime recommendations, but many images still haven't been set for them! Small updates here and there, more nice things to read added to the Calm Down page, more videos for the Cheer Up page!
31, March, 2020 I joined softheartclinic's Mental Heal Circle yesterday! ^^ I also wrote a diary entry. I should move more of my old updates to the archive when I can, but can't use my laptop still at the moment...
26, March, 2020 Included a link to an artist/animator whose style is very evocative of 2D era Disney animation in the Visuals section of the Calm Down page, added new art to the Gallery, and another game to play to the Cheer Up page. ^^ Another suggestion for the Anime page, still working on putting good pictures for each entry. I included a rather sad one this time (Shoujo Cosette), so I'll think of cheerier stuff to add...!
24, March, 2020 I have been making small updates, mostly to the Islamic Healing page, Diary wntries, and now some links! Namely Resources and a lovely twitter to read.

Older updates archived here.

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