Old Updates

9, July, 2022 I updated the Links yesterday with another artist (you'll have to scroll very far down for those!) and updated Solace for Softness today. I decided to remove my Diary from the website, at least for now. It might return in another form someday! I suppose that sense of things ending was right in a way, one chapter of my life have finished and another began, but it's mostly a very welcome change! I'm often busy lately, but always happy to hear (or... well, read) from people who enjoy my website. ♥ A bunny video was added to the Watch section of the Cheer Up page too. 10, June, 2022 I added a link to the Watch section of the Cheer Up page. ^^
19, May, 2022 I updated the read section of my Cheer Up page with a very cute webcomic about a group of cartoony villains trying to raise a naive little girl they adopted (well, unofficially, so more like found as a baby? They'd rather claim they abducted her to sound more evil) to make her evil like them, typically failing. ^^;;; I read all the strips available so far in one day!
12, May, 2022 I updated my Diary, summing up a lot of things lately, as I haven't written in a while! Some of it is on a heavy medical subject considered controversial in the U.S., the rest is my talking about what anime I'm watching and the fun new way people are enjoying the novel Dracula in 2022.
30, April, 2022 I updated my Diary with the events of the last three or so days, as they've been eventful! I'm also updating the Links with some nice artists on twitter whose works you might enjoy too, scroll all the way down. ^^
26, April, 2022 I updated my Diary and the read section of my Cheer Up page recently, but didn't mention it! Thank you for the lovely comments in the guestbook as always and I'm happy you enjoy the layouts and aesthetics. ;3; ♥
19, April, 2022 I updated the Calm Down page, fixed a broken link, added some cute old internet graphics to break up my walls of text (sorry! ^^;), and added some new links to the Read and Things to Do sections. I also updated my Diary! I finally added content to the Title Cards page I've been working on, because Maple Town has beautiful unique title card art for each episode. I've been wanting to share them! I also added some cute deer to the Toybox.
17, April, 2022 I recently updated my Diary, but also the Toybox today!
11, April, 2022 I updated my Diary, planning to drop the link from the index page, maybe, to make it more private.
7, April, 2022 I updated the Anime Recommendations, as the entry on Maple Town and Palm Town was written when I had only seen an episode or two! I have since finished all of Palm Town and everything that was dubbed of Maple Town, leaving about 9 more episodes of the Arabic dub for me to see. ^^ I decided I'll put new/updated entries at the top, to match other sections, so you can more easily see the newest additions.
28, March, 2022 I updated the Links page, because I just realized middlepot has a link button I could use! It's listed under resources and helpful things. ^^ I also updated the Solace for Softness page.
24, March, 2022 I updated the Calm Down page with a link to some lovely websites you can read a variety of fairy tales and folklore from different cultures. ^^ I also just fixed the dates in my updates to reflect the actual year... I can't believe I kept mistakenly using "2021" for three months in a row... oh, well, I also moved the old updates to the archive to tidy up the index page!
3, February, 2022 I updated the Toybox yesterday with pixel art of Pinoko from Black Jack! I've forgotten the full URL of the website I got them from and reverse image search isn't helping, so if any one of you remembers it, I'd like to link back to it, if possible! I also wrote a Diary entry yesterday, although in a rather bad mood. I've been playing American McGee's Alice (the first game) again lately!! It's quite good, creepy and more gory than anything I've touched in a long time, yet stylish. Alice and the Cheshire Cat are both very witty and sharp. I'm amazed the Cheshire Cat is played by the same voice actor as Mojo Jojo!!
28, January, 2022 [CW for mentions of fictional rape/incest themes and Nazi Germany/WWII-set stories] asallamu 'alaikum wa rahmatulLah, thank you for all of the lovely messages in the Guestbook, as always! ^^ As for Camome's question, I tend to prefer Tezuka's works geared ar younger audiences, children and teens, because they have the same depth as his works for adults, but less... overt themes of rape and incest? His adult-geared works tends to have a lot of those really heavy themes. I enjoyed what I read of Hidamari no Ki (The Tree in the Sunlight), about Osamu Tezuka's ancestor who practiced western style medicine which was then viewed with great suspicion. I also enjoyed the Clockwork Apple collection of short stories, ESPECIALLY The Execution Ended at Three (set in Nazi Germany, mind) and Fuuko (Sack) which felt like an alternate, even more tragic take on Pinoko and her twin from Black Jack, Pinoko's one of the characters I love and identify with the most, so it was nice to see, although Pinoko's story and character has more hope and charm.

I also loved Alabaster, consumed it in one day while I was home, in too much pain to go to work—although that one also featured a a rape plotline and was written in Tezuka's darkest period of his life and is quite (in)famous for having not a single fully good character... he claims to hate every character in it, but I still pitied and loved Ami, her brother, and even the boys who took her down that dark path, by the end. Pitied James Block at the start, but GOD, he wound up so twisted... the racist rapist in love with himself can go burn, honestly.

Phoenix is highly praised, but I actually haven't read that one yet! I do get sad it's often the only work a lot of English readers try, because for instance, Black Jack is absolutely FULL of very different stories, even switching genres for certain stories. Here's a list I wrote as answer to an ask back when I helped run the JyaPino Fanclubwith my favourite Black Jack chapters... it's on that blog, but my favourites don't all have to do with Black Jack and Pinoko if you're not fond of the ship, the majority of my favourites are medical dramas, mysteries, and the rare comedic and uplifting ones, or ones where rivals Black Jack and Kiriko work together. Tezuka's works for teenagers are every bit as good and deep as his works for adults, they just don't rely so heavily on sexual abuse plotlines, which actually works in their favour for sheer accessibility, don't let the cuter style put you off! I only saw an animated adaptation of Phoenix (but only partly watched it, it had what... seemed to be rape, but actually wasn't...? The ladybug story...), I mighht handle the manga better, the anime was beautifully drawn, but had iffy shots I didn't appreciate. I'd rather see it by Tezuka's hand! So thank you for the reminder, actually.
21, February, 2021 I added to Pretty Panels yesterday. Today, I added many more cute things to the Toybox, including a bunch of Alice in Wonderland characters. ^^
8, February, 2021 I've made a few updates recently without mentioning them, so: I added another doll to the Dolls in Media section of the Dollroom. I added more art to the Art Gallery, more manga panels to Pretty Panels, more updates to Princely Prodigy (I'll add some link buttons now!), and more to Solace for Softness... a poem, a passage, and a gif of a quote from a film I'm watching inspired by Empress Elisabeth—not very accurate to her rather troubled and disturbed life after marrying, but it's a very pretty and charming film, lots of lovely dresses.
3, February, 2021 I added a sweet, classic Czech cartoon about a little fairy to the Watch section of the Cheer Up page, for anyone who wants a bit of sweetness and light.
30, January, 2021 I updated my Best Wishes! Appreciation page with a more detailed defense of the series (with pictures!) and finally linked my newer fanpage, Princely Prodigy. It's still a work-in-progress and lacking in images, but more to come!
29, January, 2021 I forgot to mention that I updated the Toybox a little while ago! I found the link to Tea's Hope Chest. ^^ I also added another vintage set of hers there. Today, I also updated Solace for Softness. Added another assorted link to the Dollroom for anyone feeling embarrassed about liking childish things like dolls, I think it belongs on Solace for Softness too.
4, January, 2021 I didn't really say anything when the new year started here, did I? Well, I hope the new year will be a good one for you all. ^^ Best of luck with whatever you set out to do! Each day is a new opportunity, so don't worry about setbacks (they're natural!) or breaking new year resolutions, you can keep trying until you achieve your goals. ♥ Yesterday, I updated the Dollroom with a link in a new section called Odds and Ends (for things that don't fit the already listed categories)... read about how a lady whose parents didn't see the need to educate her further helped establish forensic sciences and how her dioramas with dolls (The Nutshell Studies) play a role in educating police detectives to this day! I also accessed my old photographs and have some dolls in traditional Czech dress to share, so those have been added there too.
26, December, 2021 I have updated the Cheer Up page with a new addition to the Play section (links to some old colouring pages and paper dolls) and I have a late entry for the Diary. Things are improving and I can code more easily now! ^^ I think I'll add a proper navigation to my fansite and soon link it.
26, November, 2021
I updated my Diary, Best Wishes! page (with more information on Iris' reappearance in Pocket Monsters 2019/Journeys), and the Links page with a new, cute neocities website.
19, October, 2021 to whoever left that comment, I hope you reach out to any means of help at your disposal (speak to a counseller, try the 7 Cups of Tea website, etc.) and talk to someone... it's hard when you've got to act okay for everyone around you. Take care! Since you're Muslim, I also advise reading Quran after prayers or at least twice a day. I find 4-5 pages work well for making me happier or at least, more resilient, softening reality's blows. All the best! اسال الله العظيم، رب العرش العظيم، أن يشفيك
10, October, 2021 About a week ago, I updated my Disry and added a new page of Pretty Panels because the old one was quite long! Today, I'm updating the Toybox and Calm Down pages.
14, September, 2021 Wa 'alaikum asallam! It's still hard to update my website without a computer of my own, but I do have some things collected and uploaded, waiting to be added to pages later...! Thank you for the sweet messages in my guestbook, I'm glad this website can provide some comfort. ^^ I finished reading A Little Princess today! Lovely story... Iris showing up again in the anime is wonderful, I wonder if I should make note of it in my Best Wishes! page, although it's after that series... a note! If you scroll allll the way down, you'll find my e-mail tucked away. ^^
23, June, 2021 I added a new link under the Visuals section of the Calm Down page today!
19, June, 2021 I updated the Solace for Softness page today and a few times earlier too, as well as my Diary days ago, but did not mention it in an update here until now!
6, June, 2021 I am working on a new section! I've added Solace for Softness to the navigation bar. I am also working on a Shootie fansite, but it's a bit lacking in the image department!
4, June, 2021 about three weeks ago, I updated the Links and Shoujo Bedrooms pages! Today, I've mostly polished up the CSS a bit so the scrollbars look nicer... also, my custom scrollbar arrows, they weren't linked properly! They didn't have little sparkles in them before, did they? They do now! ^^ I am also updating my diary... I got the first dose of the vaccine!
22, April, 2021 I updated a few things a while back, like adding new links to other sites (I just added another one today, another Maple Town-related website added, this one a forum!), added some new art to the Gallery, and added more information and illustrations to the Dolls in Media page today. ^^ I am also working on a section for Shoujo Bedrooms, similar to the Shoujo Wardrobes page! Still a work-in-progress, though. I also updated my About Me, mainly with a silly drawing of myself, but also to update what I'm watching and reading...
15, March, 2021 I made a couple of updates lately, but didn't mention them! I updated my Diary yesterday, added two new links (one very nostalgic and cute site under neocities sites yesterday and one new non-neocities site today, a lovely little site dedicated to Maple Town!).
I finished reading The Dolls' House (poor Birdie's my favourite, but all of the characters are wonderful, like Dottie and Mr. Plantaganet...) and have the inages uploaded, but need to access a computer to resize them and add them to the Dolls in Media page. ^^
A new link to the Calm Down for lovely nature videos and photographs to see!

14, January, 2021 I updated my Diary yesterday, but didn't mention it here! Today, I added two new links to the Visuals section of the Cheer Up Page, there's some cute Moomins clips and a link to an artist's twitter. ^^
14, January, 2020 I added a new link to the Cheer Up page (some more art to view) and a new link to the Links page (under resources, as the webmaster has a layout-making service), although it's also a personal site, with some comforting, nostalguc, and fun things to see. ^^
6, January, 2021 my brother managed to convince me to try using a code generator for a coloured scrollbar (this one!), because I was previously too wary of trying anything that wasn't the HTML scrollbar-color code that only worked on Internet Explorer back in the day. :D;;
31, December, 2020

Happy new year!! ^^

A pink rose, wet with dew.An Ixi (deer-like Neopet) boy in medival-inspired dress taking off his feathered hat and bowing.An Ixi (deer-like Neopet) girl in medieval-inspired clothes, curtseying in her long, pink dress.A pink rose, wet with dew.

A new translation has been added to the Life & Faith page. ^^ ... unfortunately, while trying to archive my older updates from the past month or two, my iPad failed to copy reliably and erased them! Not a big loss, but still a little unfortunate... I mostly updated the Cheer Up and Calm Down pages, you'll find the new additions marked with the new button! Some new Links this month too.
28, December, 2020 I added a cute bunny video to the Cheer Up page!
15, December, 2020 I updated my Cheer Up (a cute Chansey comic linked under Read) and Calm Down (under Audio, a cute Pikachu ASMR video) pages!
10, December, 2020 I updated my Diary and added a new video to the Watch section of the Calm Down page.
I updated my Diary yesterday and today, added a new neocities site to the Links! ^^
2, December, 2020 I added a new link to the Links page, under other websites. A website where you can read The Little Prince with illustrations! (The Pittle Prince is in the public domain in many countries.)
28, November, 2020 I added a new link to the Play section of the Cheer Up page! It's an unofficial site trying to recreate Disney's Pixie Hollow, so you can still make a fairy!
25, November, 2020 I updated my diary yesterday! Today, I added a new video link to the Cheer Up page, deleted some art from the gallery (and uploaded a new piece!). I'll put some nicer stories in my Diary soon too! Still collecting things for an upcoming section, please wait. ♥
16, November, 2020Thank you as always for the sweet comments in the guestbook! It's been a bit hard to update without a laptop, but I got to borrow this one a while, and I have been uploading several things, so I can finally get around to sharing some things with you now! I have a new section in mind, too, similar to the Shoujo Wardrobes, but it'll be bedrooms! Please wait on it. ♥ I also added some new entries to the Shoujo Wardrobes, and I'll be adding some manga panels too when I can! I've updated the Links to include another blog I just found!
11, November, 2020 I updated my Diary and Links a few days ago, but didn't mention it in an update! Today, I updated the Cheer aUp page with some twitter account links (one that collects "healing" animal videos to watch, and a couple of positive twitter accounts in English and Arabic). I have some images to add to other sections later, when I can use a computer!
11, October, 2020 I updated my diary a few times and I also added a link to the Watch section of my Cheer Up page. ^^ If you like animation and fairy tales, check it out!
1, October, 2020 I added some more panels to the Pretty Panels page! I also added a new drawing to the Art Gallery (and resized some older drawings for quicker loading time), I also added a favourite (new-ish... it's... nearly a decade old now... ^^;;;) anime series of mine to the Anime Recommendations!
25, September, 2020 I added some (Arabic) twitter accounts I like to the Links page and a cute otter video link to the Cheer Up page. ^^
24, September, 2020 Sanrio has some really nice free printables and self-care and wellness tips featuring their cute characters like Hello Kitty right now, so I added them to the play and view art sections of my Cheer Up page! They can mean a lot to folks who love the characters and make this information more accessible (and hey, free therapeutic colouring pages!), so I'm happy this sort of thing is trending.
23, September, 2020 I added a new drawing to my gallery! ^^ As promised in my diary, it's finished, a drawing for the Best Wishes! 10th Anniversary!
19, September, 2020 I added two video links (although the links weren't coded in until just now!) to the Cheer Up page and a couple of Diary entries, but didn't mention them in an update earlier! As for new updates, I have some new Pretty Panels. ^^

3, September, 2020 I added a link to the Cheer Up page a while back, also copied an older link to include it in the Resources section of the Calm Down page to make it easier to find. Today, I added some Poke Dolls to the Toybox! I added new links to the Islamic Healing page, there are more dedicated English language channels with information and recorded ruqyah too! I found an old tumblr post about the 'Eid I spent at a hospital I was training in, I've been trying to track it down for the longest time, it now has a dedicated page (be careful, it's image heavy!). ♥
24, August, 2020 I didn't mention it yesterday, but I updated the Calm Down page with a new artist's twitter in the Visuals section! Today, I madw another new addition there and it's a link to a twitter largely focused on screenshots from old anime series, especially pretty scenery and meals.
15, August, 2020 I added a new Manga Recommendation and a link to play old computer games (without needing to download them and emulate them yourself, just load them in-browser!) to the Play section of the Cheer Up page. ^^ Added some art to the Gallery! And some more Ririka outfits to the Shoujo Wardrobes page. ^^
13, August, 2020 I added a new link to an artist in the visuals section of the Calm Down page. I cleaned up the index page a bit. I updated my diary!
10, August, 2020 I finally made that Shoujo Wardribes section I've been planning! It's still scarce on images, but I'll be filling it up later! ^^
8, August, 2020 I added a new happy news story to read to the Cheer Up page, as well as a sweet animation to the Watch section of the same page! ^^
1, August, 2020 I added some new entries to the Calm Down page (including two new gifs!), additons to the Visuals and Advice section, as today's the first time I managed to understand how EMDR's supposed to work... I used to think it didn't do anything for me, I remembered it today and was just going to share it for other's benefit, but it turned out I didn't understand how to use it before! It's more effective this way. I tried my best to explain the concept too! It might help someone else too. ^^

I also labelled the sections of my Calm Down page better and listed the advice section in it (I somehow forgot to link it in the little mini-navigation box before!). Oh, also added a cute video there.
The navigation links here on my index page have gotten cluttered, so I tidied them up!
28, July, 2020 I had a lot of diary entries piled up, so I copied them over, with pictures! ^^ I also added some new drawings (and one old one) to my Art Gallery, an old picture of my Little Mermaid collection to the Dollroom.
16, July, 2020 I updated my diary earlier but didn't mention it in an update! Today, I added a new anime recommendation (to the top, rather than the bottom as usual, simply because I love to rewatch this one and it's an old favourite! I wonder if GOSICK is old enough to add my list too or if I should also toss in some newer anime I like? Hmm... added a fellow neocities website to the Links page. ^^
16, July, 2020 I added the link to the animation I meant to link to the Visuals on the Calm Down page earlier... I think I should probably stop listing things I'm going to do before I do them in the update, in case it takes a much longer than expected to do them. ^^;;;
10, July, 2020 I updated my Pretty Panels page yesterday, added some late entries to my Diary (I held off posting it until the exam result!! Evil eye and all that), and some more art for the Art Gallery (originally drawn for Moriya Ririka's birthday 7/7). ^^ I have a very sweet video to watch to the Cheer Up page too!
6, July, 2020 I added new art to my Art Gallery, a new page of manga panels to Pretty Panels, added some old translations I made to the Life & Faith page, and new links to the Visuals and Sounds sections on the Calm Down page! 4, July, 2020 I updated my Calm Down page with something new to do a few days back, also added a new link to resources (a mental health blog run by Online Counseling College) on my Links page, but didn't mention it in an update before, sorry! Today, I also learned Sarah Natochenny (Ash's current English dub VA), in addition to her animal fostering work, has joined a group of VAs in reading children's books! voiceeactorsread on instagram. I'll be adding a link to my Calm Down page shortly. ^^
29, June, 2020 I added two entries to my Diary. Talked about rewatching a sweet Barbie film too, I recommend it to anyone who feels like watching something sweet and uplifting—a bunch of old, early 2000's Barbie films (like Princess and the Pauper, Swan Lake, Rapunzel, 12 Dancing Princesses, etc.) got uploaded to You Tube in parts like the old days ^o^; We own these films too, but can't play casettes anymore, although the DVDs work!
28, June, 2020 I added backgrounds to various pages that didn't have them, added a nice site with web graphics (that I used here on this website too!) to the Links page, and a couple more graphics to the Toybox. Cleaned up the Anime Recommendations page some more and added more graphics. Fixed broken code on the Diary page. All good, I think! ♥ 27, June, 2020 I updated my Diary, I included a new section dedicate to the stories told about Kafka and the Doll (it's a very moving, healing story!) and linked to it on the Cheer Up page, added an artist's blog to the Visuals section on the Calm Down page.
25, June, 2020 I updated the Art Gallery with a new drawing I made recently! It's Memole and Marielle (all my non-Pokemon art is on its own at the bottom of the page, so you'll have to scroll down to see it, instead of seeing it at the top. ^o^;; I also uploaded some more Pixel Art (including some new Iris from Pokemon sprites), added navigation to Cheer Up as I did for the Calm Down page.
21, June, 2020 I forgot to mention it yesterday, but I added a new suggestion to the "Play" list on the Cheer Up page (a fun and free jumprope game for the Switch), also made quick links to the different sections!
17, June, 2020 I added a few more graphics to the Toybox!
16, June, 2020 I added a couple of old sprites I made to the Pixel Art page after making them transparent, for easier use on differently coloured pages. ^^ I added a couple more things to the Toybox. I added a link to Caz's Catch a Star website too, as it has a lot of really cute graphics! I wrote in my diary too, but forgot to mention it!
15, June, 2020 I added a new manga recommendation, a one-shot manga by one of my favourite artists (Fukuyama Keiko!), but this one was never translated, so I dedicated a page to summarize it, as well as explain what it means to me. I can finally upload more images and resize things, too! So, I'll try and optimize more images so pages will load faster. I also fixed the width on the Manga Recommendations page so you can see Jeudi and Lundi in the background, they were obscured a long time... ^o^;;
14, June, 2020 I added a new anime recommendation, although I've only just started this one and have been meaning to see it for some time, but! The first episode is very promising, I love the original fairy tale (LOVE the way the two are portrayed here), and it's Osamu Dezaki! I think anyone who could use a fairy tale or two right now should enjoy it. ;3;
I added some old pixel art adoptables (Harley from Pokemon) of mine to the Pixel Art page!
On a more somber note, I also added some more charities (including Unicef!) to the links page, for Yemen, which is suffering from hunger and disease, so if you could spare any money to help, it would be such a good deed and surely one that will frive away some harm or return to you with some benefit in the future. ♥
10, June, 2020 With my brother's help, sorted out a CSS issue that was making my pages lopsided... slowly adjusting all the pages! I also updated my Anime Recommendations page because I've finished Nurse Angel Ririka SOS! I cried so much... my favourite character after Ririka is so spoilery, I couldn't talk about them much... but it was definitely worth the slow beginning! ^^ I also corrected the length (I wrote 33 instead of 35 before).
I also added a new Toybox section to keep adoptable sprites and cute dolls and such (the links will be slowly added as they're mostly from defunct sites archived on the Wayback Machine), added a few more drawings to the gallery (not the newest, so I put them under the Iris dress and one waaay lower down too).
I am tidying up other sections to make them more presentable to be linked too! I kind of also want to make a new section just for the wardrobes of shoujo (or maybe not just shoujo, we'll see!!) characters and the like, because so many wear such pretty and cute styles!
I customized the 404 page for fun~
I added an addition to the watch section of the Cheer Up page (a cute indie animation about parakeets!), another game for the play section there (just a note that Pastel Girl's creator also made Pastel Friends ^^), and a game added to the Calm Down page (Cursors, a cooperation-based game!), under the things to do section! 6, June, 2020 I added a new drawing to my gallery! It's Iris in a Love Nikki dress. ^^
[CW: talk of protests, murder victims, and hate crimes, nothing detailed, just sharing some good news + ways to help even more folks who still need it] I would also like to take a moment to mention that the protests have made a difference and George Floyd's murder was raised to second degree and the officers punished! But there are still other crimes that have gone unsolved and unpunished, so please do not let them be forgotten, this twitter thread has petitions to sign and charities you can donate to (don't mind the silly top tweet that just grabs attention, the author's old list tweet went ignored). If you don't have money to give, please watch this youtube video or just let it play in the background (if the subject matter's too heavy for you or you can't watch such a long video for any reason), on the free version of youtube (with ads), the ad revenue on this video is all donated to charity. My links page also has, if you scroll down past the respurces, you'll find links to charities to help others around the world who are suffering too. ♥ 31, May, 2020 Added two pages to the Links page, one under neocities, the other under resources (mental health resources for Black folks during difficult times like these)... racism is evil. Everyone should be able to live in peace and dignity, no matter where they come from or what colour their skin is.
28, May, 2020 Added a cute and funny blog link to the Cheer Up page (blogs are one of the laaaast sections, so you have to scroll all the eay down!). I'm going to add an anime recommendation, too, but pictures will likely have to wait!
24, May, 2020 Eid Mubarak!! Today is the Festival of Breaking Fast today in Saudi Arabia (some will celebrate on different days, depending on when the moon-sighting in their region!), my friend sent me this cute animation set to a song about 'Eid, from the cute Saudi-Japanese work, Asatir (Future Folktales).
The animation showcases different traditions here in Saufi Arabia in celebrating it (like elders gifting kids money ['Eidiyyah], new clothes (this is part of Islamic tradition, but the specific clothes varies), visiting family (also from the religion), and what dishes and sweets we have!
Late addition to my Diary (typed yesterday, but not posted!).
20, May, 2020 Hello! Long time no update... I added a new link to the Cheer Up page, where you can read old children's books! I... never did manage to add that video link before, so I'll copy it over now!!
16, May, 2020 I added a new link to Links (under reaources and useful stuff!), I updated my Diary too! I'm going to add another video to watch to the Cheer Up page! When I can use a computer, I have more anime and manga to recommend! Might be a while...
13, May, 2020 I finally added images for my Black Jack recommendation on the Manga Recommendations page. I can't adjust the sizes right now, so one image is rather heavy, I'll fix it when I can!
12, May, 2020 This website has a new affiliation! A cute and girlish graphics site called The Princess Chateau.
10, May, 2020 I have updated both my About and Diary, but today's subject matter is heavy and triggering, but warned for. On lighter note, I'll be adding a fun video to watch to the Cheer Up page! In case I can't get the link working, you can go on a virtual trip through thr Studio Ghibli Musem, Mitaka on their official channel. I added the buttons back up there, I accidentally deleted them in a previous update, sorry!
5, May, 2020 I uploaded a lot of new art! New pages added to the Gallery and Pretty Panels sections. I have drawn a lot of Lillie lately. ♥
5, May, 2020 I finally fixed the wandering sheep at the bottom of the page with my brother's help! Also, I have been adding images to illustrate the recommendations. o/
2, May, 2020 I added a new link, updated the Islamic Healing page, added some photographs to the Dollroom, added a new entry to the Manga Recommendations! And thank you for the super sweet coment in the guestbook, they always make my day, I'm happy ypu enjoy my recommendations! ;///; That last one by yyy really surprised me. I talk a lot, I'm amazed to hear my recs described as concise!
30, April, 2020 I wrote some Diary entries and realized I never linked to my Diary!
27, April, 2020 I added two new suggestions to the play section of the Cheer Up page! I want to write some new recommendations (and trim how unnecessarily long the HXH one got, fff, could be on its own page, maybe...), when I can! A friend of mine joined neocities and has a pretty sweet little site starting up!! Dollhouse Garden has been added to the links page!
19, April, 2020 I added a new link to the artwork section of my Cheer Up page! I'm also adding a video link! Hope you like bunnies. Also added a link to the read section of the Calm Down page.
13, April, 2020 I included the laundry metaphor for dealing with anxiety about the future from Fruits Basket in my Calm Down page (it should be the new second item in the advice/things to do section, it's advice that's very dear to my heart and helps me a lot, I loved it long before I ever got into Fruits Basket (you can read text versions on goodreads, I can't link right now on my phpne...).
6, April, 2020 Thank you to everyone leaving sweet comments in the guestbook!! I've updated my diary sporadically, I've also been working on an extra section I haven't linked yet (it's kind of very stream of consciousness writing about my faith, here, I've also added more anime recommendations, but many images still haven't been set for them! Small updates here and there, more nice things to read added to the Calm Down page, more videos for the Cheer Up page!
31, March, 2020 I joined softheartclinic's Mental Heal Circle yesterday! ^^ I also wrote a diary entry. I should move more of my old updates to the archive when I can, but can't use my laptop still at the moment...
26, March, 2020 Included a link to an artist/animator whose style is very evocative of 2D era Disney animation in the Visuals section of the Calm Down page, added new art to the Gallery, and another game to play to the Cheer Up page. ^^ Another suggestion for the Anime page, still working on putting good pictures for each entry. I included a rather sad one this time (Shoujo Cosette), so I'll think of cheerier stuff to add...!
24, March, 2020 I have been making small updates, mostly to the Islamic Healing page, Diary wntries, and now some links! Namely Resources and a lovely twitter to read.
19, March, 2020 I'm going to add a couple of more anime recommendations! Some more on the lighter side and one in between. ♥ I also added a new addition to the Sounds section of the Calm Down page, as Calm has set up a page of free calming resources they encourage sharing with anyone who needs it. Health tips! Wash your hands with soap and water, carry sanitizer with you, stay home unless it's necessary for you to be out (school, work, grocery shopping—in those cases, keep a good distance between yourself and others), don't hoard (it paradoxically causes scarcity), and don't panic! Sleep and eat well, those improve your mental and physical health. ^^ But also, don't be too brazen going outside needlessly, you might have a strong immunity, but you can accidentally pass on the virus to weaker people, like the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, whose bodies can't fight it as easily. Keep yourself and others safe!
16, March, 2020 I added some Links and wrote Diary entries, also added some cute pixel art to my About...
14, March, 2020 I've added around two different links this past week, but didn't record them in an update! Working on a few new sections, I'm also adding more drawings to my gallery (this one was very fun, it's a Romeo's Blue Skies parody with Ash and Trip from Pokemon I made last year ;3;), I added an Anime Recommendations section, I'm also going to make a Diary section soon! I have more plushies than dolls, so I was thinking of adding a Toybox sub-section to my Dollroom to show off some of my old plushies and other toys!! ^^ Take care, everyone! ♥
29, February, 2020 added a link to the links page, added some Lillie I made using a picrew (just found its name so I could properly link to it, I couldn't before!) on the Dress-Up page of the Dollroom.
22, February, 2020 added a link to the links page! An archived old Pokemon website that meant a lot to me as a fan and someone who cares about animals and the environment!
18, February, 2020 looking back on that very long tangent days ago, I understood why people have blogging pages.... maybe I'll make one despite having a twitter. Anyway, I updated the calm down page with a new thing to do! (I mostly wanted to link to Beatrix Potter legally available free ebolks... public domain!).
14, February, 2020 I added a new link to the Cheer Up page (in the art section!), a webcomic to the Links page, and some more resources to the Islamic Healing page!
11, February, 2020 added a video to the Calm Down page (a clip of the intro to The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends) and a video to the Cheer up page. A new link has been added too!
31, January, 2020 added a link to a cute Memole site! Some gifs to the Calm Down page.
29, January, 2020 moved most of the updates to the old updates page to free up the index page! I'm thinking of moving more of what I put on my index to my About Me page and linking it again...
25, January, 2020 I added a cute Soviet era cartoon about a kitten to the cheer-up page (A Kitten Named Woof), added a link to Fool Lovers in my links page, more resources added to the Islamic Healing page. More graphics to the index page! I also added a favicon.
23, January, 2020 Over the past few days, I've updated the Islamic Healing page more and also added more information to the Best Wishes! page, as well as images! I'm finally going to write sections for more characters, like Bianca and Professor Juniper too! o/ I'm also adding a guestbook! 18, January, 2020 A new page of art for the gallery! I think I added some other things here and there before, but forgot what they were... also, another addition to the Pretty Panels page. I added a new manga recommendation! Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro.
7, January, 2020 I included some cute videos to watch in the Cheer Up page and more information for the Islamic Healing page! I also wanted to work on my Best Wishes! page more, but... ^^; Some more advice to the Calm Down page (namely a bit more information on intrusive thoughts).
4, January, 2020 I organized the Islamic Healing page more and added two more Rose of Versailles panels to the Pretty Panels page!
2, January, 2020 It's a new year! By the Gregorian calender's count, anyway. My little brother adjusted the colours on my site to make it more colourblind friendly using this as reference. o/ Added more to the Cheer Up page. Added more links!
25, December, 2019 I got a sweet gift from a friend today! First time I've received a gift from an online friend. ;3; Although I don't celebrate Christmas, it's nice to receive and give gifts at any time! I added some new sections I've been working on! They still need some work and more content, but, Manga Recommendations and Pretty Panels have been added.
18, December, 2019 I added more manga recommendations, a translation for the Islamic Healing page, and some images and bits of advice to the Calm Down page. Another addition to the dolls in media part of the Dollroom too! More advice and helpful visuals added to Calm Down page.
5, December, 2019 I added another new section I'm working on, but the Arabic text doesn't show up properly... I added some new links and updated the Calm Down page! Mught fix up the Best Wishes! page too.
24, November, 2019 I've opened the Dollroom! This is the section I've woked on for the past two days! It's rather image heavy, so don't visit it on data... otherwise, have fun! ♥
23, November, 2019 adding more links and content to the calm down page! Working on a new section or two too!
17, November, 2019 a lot of little updates over the past few days, giving the pages more personality with images and backgrounds! More art too... I also finished Rose of Vesailles and cried so much, I was in pain fom dehydration the next day and I am not joking. Lovely, but so heartbeaking... still have some extra chapters! I loved Oscar and Andre, felt so bad for Marie Antoinette's children...
7, November, 2019 I added art to the gallery, my own buttons to the links page, and a link to the calm down page!
5, November, 2019 So, I've been working on my Best Wishes! page a lot these past few days! Even gave it a little navigation bar, since it was getting new sections. Everything still needs more illustrations, though, it's mostly text now! My keyboard isn't woking properly, so I haven't typed updates for a while... I'll add to my gallery a little! Links page is up now!
27, October, 2019 my Best Wishes! appreciation page I started maybe yesterday is still lacking in pictures, so I’ll be adding more of those soon!! And I want to write more about characters I like from it later too! I also have lovely sites I want to link to!!
25, October, 2019: I brought the about page back, even though it's not very different from the index page's contents right now, but I'm also gonna include cute sprites...

Much older updates weren't saved, unfortunately!

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